Alatchiyam - Short Film review

Duration: 7 minutes 38 seconds

            The makers of this short film have one clear message; if you want to kill yourself, don’t take us down with you. The consequences of smoking is well known and well ignored by the smokers. Alatchiyam, directed by Prashanth Sivasubramanian brings out an overlooked hazardous aspect of smoking, the danger of burning cigarettes butts thrown on the road. 

            The short film by Timepass Cinemas shows how in just 7 minutes, one person’s action can have dangerous effect on another person’s life. A careless man lights up a cigarette while riding his bike and meanwhile, a young boy is forced to walk barefoot as his slippers break. The young boy is lost in his thoughts as he watches children playing while man decides he is done with that cigarette and throws it on the footpath. As the man speeds off, the young boy steps on the burning cigarette butt and screams in pain. The message of this silent film is loud and clear. By smoking people are not only harming themselves but with their irresponsible behaviour they are harming others too. 

            The short film explores a new angle about the dangers of smoking and the different approach is admirable. The climax of the story could have been better scripted and even though the concept is fresh, the storyline should have been stronger. The short film focuses on the irresponsible behaviour of people, first by smoking and then by throwing burning cigarette butts carelessly on the road. The symbols of irresponsible behaviour such as the helmet kept on the bike instead of wearing it, the empty cigarette packet thrown on the road and finally the burning cigarette butt the young boy steps on, can be seen throughout the movie. It is a good attempt in approaching the hazards of cigarettes. Next time you light up a cigarette, keep the harm yourself. 

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