A Coffee Day - Short Film review
A Coffee Day

Written and Directed by: Amal Sajikumar

Director of Photography: Boves Joseph
Editing: Jilson and Jeff
Associate cameraman: Arjun S.
Sound Design: Blossom Belly
Music: Kuriakose Paul
Concept: Sreeram H

           When you go for a coffee with a friend, how many coffees would both of you order? Two? No, three. Puzzled? So were the protagonists of this short film when they saw everyone at a coffee shop ordering an extra coffee. If you are wondering for whom, then let me surprise you again with the answer. The coffee is for a wall. Now, what’s so special about the wall? For that, you have to watch this short movie and mind you, it will melt your heart a little. 

           A 7-minute short film by BGR Films in association with Focus Rings Studios, A Coffee Day is written and directed by Amal Sajikumar. The film is based on the unusual incident seen in a coffee shop where the two protagonists meet up. Centred on a social issue, the concept of the film is appreciable. The dialogues are not as strong as one expects in short films but the camerawork is admirable. The short film is successful in building up the curiosity of the audience till the climax. 

           The short film is mostly shot indoors hence there is dominance of dim lighting throughout the film. The camera behaves like a third protagonist and the point-of-view shots gives a good effect to the screenplay. Since it is a Malayalam short film, the majority of the dialogues are in Malayalam but there are no English subtitles which decreases the influence of it on the audience who fail to understand the language. 

           A Coffee Day succeeds in communicating its message and it does bring back the focus on goodwill. A good movie with noteworthy screenplay, this short film is worth a watch. So grab on to that coffee and discover the secret behind that wall. 

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