THOPPI - Short Film review

Director, Cinematographer: Gerald

Editor: C S Prem

Lighting : Praveen

            Making a film in with time as a limit is not an easy job. There are things that need to be perfectly taken care of. Like, the essence of the story should be conveyed; the audience should be totally engaged in the story etc. Thoppi is one such movie which has raised the standards of short film making. Aptly named, this movie revolves around a police constable, Mani who is telling a story to a bunch of short film makers. They ask him to tell the most significant, unforgettable incident that has happened to him and the movie goes into a flash back.

            Tailor Ganesh’s complaint is not taken seriously by the constable and the Senior Police inspector. He tells the constable that it all started when he gave food, work and shelter to a stranger who was in dire need of money. Things went smoothly till the old man put his signature on a plain sheet of paper. Now, according to the ‘agreement’ he had signed, he has to deliver a box full of shirts in Tirupur. He couldn’t back out. The constable who wrote the complaint clearly said they can’t help him since he voluntarily agreed and the proof was his signature. The whole conversation is heard by Mani and he decides to help Ganesh. Mani is not treated very well by his head; he is given menial jobs like picking DC’s son from school, buying A4 sheet papers for the Xerox machine. An opportunity to help a person presents itself and he wanted to show that he is no less. Later in the story it is revealed why he joins the police force which is again a fresh twist.

            Cinematography is impeccable; the characters portrayed by the actors were very realistic. Kudos to Ganesh, he is actually a tailor and managed to deliver an amazing performance. Although when the movie started, the whole concept of interviewing people wasn’t clear till the protagonist entered.

            Thoppi, stands for honour and respect. Does Mani manage to get them? Is Ganesh being sent for delivering shirts or is there more to it? Watch it and find out..

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