Kaniyum Naanum - Short Film review
Kaniyum Naanum

Written & Directed - Sai Sudharshan

Assistant Directors - Balamurugan, Ram kumar, Praveen

Cast - Siva Chenniar, Saberna, Yeshvanth

Cinematography - Sreejish Doss

Editing - Sai Sudharshan

Music – Ashwath, Barath Kishore, Anand, Ragav, Abin Pushpakaran

Vocalists- Ashwath, Harini

Lyrics- Pugalendhi. G

SFX- Sachin, Hariharan

Duration: 7 minutes 32 seconds

             Being in love is all about showing how much that person means to you and marriage makes it all the more special, vowing to be with each other forever. But sadly, some people don’t get to savour it. ‘Kaniyum Naanum’ is one such love story. Kani and his husband get married in September 1998 and he is a jawan in Army. Yes, Kargil War strikes a year later and he has to join his battalion. He has to leave soon but saying goodbye to his newlywed wife breaks his heart. Kani, assures that she will take care of herself only one condition- He has to think of her all the time. She sends him letters which gives him the strength to survive and makes him feel that she is always around him. Kani is shown as a strong character, who wants her husband to serve the country and return safely. But does he return? That is for the viewers to find out.

             This 7 minutes 32 seconds long movie has perfectly captured the nuances of married life. Their small fights, their making up to each other brings a smile on your face. What adds life to the storyline is the impeccable background score. Vocalists, Ashwath and Harini have done a commendable job, their songs emotionally binds the whole story. Cinematography is flawless and it brings out the depth in both the characters.

              Kaniyum Naanum is a valiant effort in depicting that love can survive no matter what and only grows, never ceases. Though storyline is not fresh, it is effective enough. So, communicate because sometimes words do wonders.

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