MAGIC - Short Film review

Produced by: R. Venugopal and Sankar Ram Mohan
Cinematography: V. Kalaiselvan
Editing: Chandrahasan S
Duration: 7 minutes 54 seconds

            Sometimes to get through life, imagination becomes more of a necessity than a game. What is life without a bit of magic that keeps the hope alive? An award winning short film, Magic directed by Vignesh Venugopal and Karthik brings us a little closer to reality by taking us a little away from it. The short film is about two young siblings who lack the basic necessities in life and how a brother gets his little sister to accept their reality with bit of magic.

            The almost 8 minutes long film by Big Bang Picture opens with a strong message where we see a little girl watching a dosa being thrown because it didn’t come out perfectly on the tawa while she is left with more longing and hunger. With a strong storyline, the movie shows how a brother uses magic to make his sister concede to their harsh reality. When his sister refuses to eat the same old dry bun, the brother makes a wooden stick his wand and he gets her a plate of rice and a water bottle which brings out the lost smile on his sister’s face. But, how long can magic done with a piece of wood last? They are eventually back to their dry bun but this time his sister eats it happily. 

            With a strong underlying message, Magic attempts to highlight one simple fact; we all are waiting for a little bit of magic to change our lives. Rising number of children are dying of starvation around the world and this film attempts to portray this message through children and their imagination. A silent movie with remarkable performances by the child protagonists, Magic is surely one of those short films you shouldn’t miss. 

            What we see as basic necessity can be a thing of magic for another. The film encompasses different realities of people of the world. Magic fills us with hope of change in our lives and this is what the short film is about. Believe in a little magic and maybe you will love your life a bit more. 

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