HEADPHONE - Short Film review

Direction: Adwaith Shine

Screenplay and Dialogues: Rajesh Thomas
Cinematography: Adwaith Shine
Story: Priya Shine
Art: Shibu
Production Manager: Shine PG
Editing: Cleetus Boban
Duration: 10 minutes 26 seconds

             Turning off the world by putting on headphones is the new form of escapism that we see in today’s generation. Not only it is assumed to be ‘cool’ but it lets you be in your own world. Headphones, directed by Adwaith Shine is a short film about a ignored mother and her crumbling relationship with her son. Reason? Her son’s preference for the non-stop music from his headphones over the few words from his mother. 

              In this 10 and a half minutes short film we see a son who constantly has his headphones on while at home to avoid listening to his mother. Though, when his friends come home, the headphones slid down from his ear. After rudely shooing away his mother from his room, he gets back to drinking with his friends while his mother hearing their talks is hurt and worried about her son. Her constant attempts at communicating with her son are shot down by him, calling it interference, not care. In the climax, he comes to regret his behaviour, his ignorance and his ego. But, the terrible incident that made him see light also made it too late to mend things. 

              This short film is a good attempt at highlighting the importance of our loved ones, the people we should care about instead of taking them for granted. But the short film has a very predictable storyline. The cinematography and imagery of the short film is appreciable and creative. The last scenes where we see the son reminiscing about his memories with his mother is well-shot and conceptualized. So, put those headphones down for a change and listen to the people who matter before it is too late. 

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